Arlen Specter immigration hearings to feature farmers, landscapers, hotel industry

Illegal alien amnesty backer Sen. Arlen Specter (R-PA) recently announced that he'll be conducting public hearings on immigration around the country. These are designed to compete against the pro-American hearings to be conducted by various members of the House:
...Specter said his first hearing would be in Philadelphia on July 5 — the same date that House Republicans are to hold a hearing in San Diego, suggesting that a split-screen debate on immigration would occur from opposite sides of the nation...

Specter said Wednesday [6/21] that he would hold his hearings to "develop a broader, factual evidentiary record on the need for the comprehensive bill that is challenged by quite a few House members."

"The House has said repeatedly that the Senate is out of touch with what America wants," Specter said. "Let's have hearings on the Senate provisions, and I think when it's more fully understood, Americans will want that."

...His July 5 hearing would include farmers, landscapers and hotel industry representatives...
Obviously it's fair to say that Specter is in the pocket of the Cheap Labor Lobby.

If one of these hearings is in your area, please think up a difficult question and try to ask it.


This is a call to all Americans. We are on the brink of a CIVIL WAR. The mainstream media has been suppressed. Please go to and watch the "Paul Revere's Ride" speech video. Also, please watch the "Atzlan" video. Please tell every American citizen so they can get prepared with food, water, batteries, arms, etc.
God bless us and God bless the USA!!!

Another poster boy for term limits -- we can make it a group foto.

Specter's position seems to be "everybody has an opinion, so let's see what they all are." Opinions are like assholes--everybody has one and they all stink. This is not leadership. At best, it is brown-nosing masquerading as leadership. To quote from Twain, "Suppose you were an idiot. Suppose you were a member of Congress. But I repeat myself."