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4x Super Bowl Champions #GiantsPride
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Right on target #GiantsPride | #NYGvsNE
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.@l_oconnor19: that's about right. Kneeball involves dudes bending over while another dude comes up behind them and slips his hands between their thighs. Real football has constant action, players making up their own plays, and no felons. #NYGvsNE
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From @BobPapa_NFL
We go LIVE @NBCNewYork 7pm & @nflnetwork @Giants host @nyjets @MetLifeStadium. Join @CarlBanksGIII @BruceBeck4NY…
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.@BobPapa_NFL: kneeball is done. Lawsuits & legislation will bring NFL down, no sane parents want their kids playing it, attendance/ratings are down, they've alienated their audience, & no one wants to watch a sport with hostile players. Try a real sport. #football = #soccer