Useful Idiot Watch: Kossack wants to "Erase the Border"

A Kossack named Ben Masel offers "A Radical Immigration Plan: Erase the Border":

The author was described in 1996 as Madison's [WI] own pot promoter, former candidate for Dane County sheriff and Libertarian candidate for Congress. He's also the Wisconsin chapter president of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML).

While the post generates a few negative comments, many are supportive. And, there's only one negative comment that slightly implies that our good friends at Kos might be useful idiots for the "global elites" (comment #26 about Carla Hills of the CFR).

The reaction to the cross-post at Maryscott O'Connor's site is even more positive:

The comments at the latter link shows how those "global elite" can make use of those useful idiots:
weeping for brunnhilde: As far as I'm concerned, the sooner we dismantle geo-political borders, the sooner we dismantle our own mental borders. Then maybe we'll recognize that we're all in this together and start to act like it. This is the hope, anyway.

eugene: The conservative complaint here is that they don't like how globalization forces them to interact with people they consider their racial inferiors. Hence the fence.

MSOC: When asked as to my feelings about immigration ("the immigration problem"), I reply that I wish for open borders. Watching that little segment on Thursday's Colbert Report about the "Minutemen" was so thoroughly depressing and enervating, the humour was almost completely lost on me.

sfarnell: No borders = no nationalism. Yeah n/t
Those who seek to delete the borders in order to profit can make use of such idiots by appealing to their extreme and extremely misplaced idealism as well as their intense, psychologically-based desire not to be called racists. Since comments like #26 at the DK thread aren't going to do it, pushing back might consist of pointing out that the left wing of the Democratic Party wants the same thing as George Bush. Then, let BDS work its magic.

Note also that Masel says, "Canada could have the option to sign in on similar terms." Now, compare that to the opinion piece from Steven Hill of the CFR-linked "New America Foundation", which contains "not wishing to be left out, [Canada] would ask for inclusion". Going further, Masel even has this to say:
With "illegals" getting to vote, Texas ceases to be an Anglo dominion. effectively, Mexico re-conquers.
As if that diary weren't bad enough, 'Mumon' offers "Jerome Corsi: Hegemony, Nativism and paranoia...." ( ), about the article "North American Union to Replace USA?" As with the other useful idiots, Mumon supports the goals of Bush and other members of the "global elite", in effect acting as a CFR apologist. As does the blogger we refer to as "Hatrios":
This amusing bit of wingnuttery from swift boat liar Jerome Corsi brings us back to the black helicopter era of wingnuttery which thrived so well under Poppy.
COMPLETE TOOL UPDATE: From the libertarian perspective ( ) comes this:
Let me tell you conservatives and Republicans something: You disgust me with your incessant and evil harping about "illegal" immigration. You have lost completely and totally the spirit of what America was all about. Completely and totally. Nothing is left. You think it was about a constitution and laws. It was about leaving oppression and misery behind, risking it all -- including your very life -- and seeking new opportunity in a new land where you could trade in peace and hopefully earn for yourself and your loved ones a better life. It was about Declaring your Independence from those who would prevent you by force from exercising what you believed was your God-given (not government given; not democratically given) right to the honest and peaceful pursuit of your own life, liberty, and happiness.


"Funny thing as well about those former environmentalists."

yeah, them too. Libertarians fail to see that their completely open borders position will cause the complete collapse of individual freedom; it's a truism that the more crowded and the more multicultural and less cohesive a society is, the more restrictive laws and welfare programs people will be demanding. The environmental movement fails to see that letting the flood of third-world surplus population in will cause the complete collapse of the U.S. ecology. There's a good research report somewhere on the web if I can find it on this. Environmentalism because just another "cause" taken up by the P.C. social justice and identity politics crowd, and restricting immigration went out the window. The Sierra Club, Audubon, ZPG, even Earth First all supported immigration restrictions before the political correctness movement heated up in the 1990s.

We could go on with this :) "Funny thing about those labor unions." "Funny thing about those farmers."...

"Funny thing about those "ex" Libertarians."

Funny thing as well about those former environmentalists. Don't get me wrong - they still consider themselves environmentalists. They just don't acknowledge that nearly doubling the US's population in less than 60 years (1970-2026) is an environmental problem because political correctness decrees that they MUST NOT oppose massive immigration.

yes bush and fox and the other guy! had a great meeting in waco! do any of you know why 3 guys like that would meet in waco, the place were americans were shot down like dogs? old alberto gonzales came out today and told journalists to get in line or be sent to prison, the system of one world is going to kell you guys and soon! bush is pursuing a globalist murder idea and his agenda is to create a murder state out of this former USA, HE WILL USE THE THIRD WORLDS PEOPLE as a tool to make us understand facts of life inside a third world nation.
the fact's are in front of you all, what do you want? by the way watch what happens in the next 5 to 6 weeks in canada and in mexico city, all the boys are now in line and bush will order some bad things to happen here, just keep one eye open.

it is frightening clear now that there is no way to win. anon points out how bad this system is, the fact is this once great nation has fully been infiltrated to the point that most in our so called government is working for other nations and people and ideals.

Funny thing about those "ex" Libertarians. Some of you may recall a few years ago when one Tom Alciere got elected to the New Hampshire legislature as a Republican. He lasted a few weeks in office before the local media dug up his Internet posts where he advocated killing cops and throwing the remains in the dumpster "with the rest of the trash". Well it turns out Tom Alciere is also a radical open borders activist with a website:

This Ben Masel character sounds like another example of the same phenomenon.

the system of Rat inside our dead government ( read former USA ) wants you to think all is ok, that bush is doing his job of the good will of this so called country and 10 or 20 or 30 million third world people can only help us all into a great new idea, but the fact is most of the third world people 60 percent from mexico hate us for race reasons, bush is the enemy of this dead idea once called The unite states of America, IT IS JUST A MATER OF TIME BEFORE YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT THAT REALLY MEANS TO YOU. May God help you all in the coming evil.

as far as the guy's go in the national guard go! "it a joke", and bush knows that fact real well. can i ask when bush will order the setting up of aztlan for political freedom of mexico?

death to the enemies of freedom and justice, if you know what i mean? ask how long before the crackdown on your freedom comes? next move reeducation camps.

I've run into Mumon on some other sites. Expecting anything close to a thought out position is unlikely. I also doubt BDS will work in this case since for some reason the Left thinks of Bush as some ultra-nativist for putting a few National Guardsmen on the border. In other words, BDS has already blinded them to the fact that Bush is on their side.

Useful Idiots: People so open-minded that their brains have fallen out.