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Heidi Przybyla
Washington, DC
NBC News Correspondent covering politics/government ethics "Prezbella" Insta: @hprzybyla Michigan (Spartan)
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From @HeidiNBC
NEW: Dershowitz labeled Trump 'destabilizing and unpredictable' in 2016 book titled “Electile Dysfunction: A Guide…
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From @LouisRBridgema3
@HeidiNBC @neeratanden @NBCNews Kidding! * Dershowitz may concede this may be true, but firmly holds that being "d…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@LouisRBridgema3: there's no conflict btw Dershowitz saying bad things about Trump & agreeing to rep him. @HeidiNBC is just minor Dem hack who doesn't grok our legal system. She's also never challenged a pol on the flaws in their policies. She ignores Trump's real weaknesses.