Illegal Immigrants, Unite Here! (under the union banner)

Byron York does something that the MSM fails to do: follow a link.

At the big pro-illegal-immigration rally on the Mall in Washington on April 10, thousands of demonstrators held aloft dark blue signs that read, "We Are America." Below those words, in smaller letters, was the name "New American Opportunity Campaign," and below that was a web address,

Following that he comes to this:

As it happens, that is the Washington headquarters of UNITE HERE, the labor union formed a few years ago by the merger of the Union of Needletrades, Industrial, and Textile Employees, and the Hotel Employees and Restaurant Employees International Union. UNITE HERE—which represents about 460,000 workers in the U.S. and Canada but hopes to unionize millions of newly arrived, low-paid, unskilled immigrant workers—played a major role in organizing the Washington rally, as well as other pro-illegal-immigration events across the country.
Joining UNITE HERE in the immigration fight is the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), which represents about 1.8 million workers in the U.S. and Canada. "You need to legalize the 11 million people who are here on an undocumented status," a top SEIU official told the liberal Air America radio network recently. "Many of them are our members." The chief organizer and spokesman of the Washington rally was a man named Jaime Contreras, who heads the local SEIU chapter and is also in charge of what is called the National Capital Immigration Coalition, a mix of labor, business, church, and civil-rights groups that staged the event.

The article is pay-only after that, but there's a much more worrisome side to the NAOC: one of their board members (CHIRLA) has allegedly collaborated with the Mexican government.

You can see a picture of the signs in question here. Why couldn't the AP or the SFGate do what York did?


the word here is hispanic voters not American voters, what he is saying is this, "I want aztlan".

this guy and the drug dealers unions, "want the death of this nation", many now see that but none will fight back to keep it a freedon place, so down the road this nation and millions will be killed, that is how hitler got power and that is how the reds got power, and people who will not stand up will be killed by the evil of the aztlan\mexico city/drug dealers of the hispanic people who are the best of friends with bin laden, all are nothing but rats of hate.

"...begin campaign to register every Hispanic and every other ethnic group so everyone that is legally on his/her right can exercise the right to vote.."
Since-without a doubt- Jose thinks "no person is illegal", I think the message in the fractured English is that they plan to register illegal aliens to vote. And they'll probably get away with it since under Motor Voter registration is on the honor system.

I guess Jose Alemar just told the American people where they could stick it. I think he's a violent man. What do you think?

The Gate Keeper
Williamsburg Co 81226
May 2, 2006
A call to all IMMIGRANTS
Dear Sir or Madam:
Now that the voice of our Hispanic word is been heard, we will start the process to act under the law and begin campaign to register every Hispanic and every other ethnic group so everyone that is legally on his/her right can exercise the right to vote..
Because the Democrats and Liberal has shown to be more open to the immigrant issue we will be advising that every one that feel that has been offended by the right wing fundamentalists embedded in the Republican Party and in the radio and TV net work Stations Fox to vote for Democrats candidates.
The right wing fundamentalist in the FOX TV and Radio, acting strictly racist continuously are adding wood to the fire by inciting to violence and hate with their daily comment and insults to the Hispanic community in general.
We all Hispanic will continue to act with respect to the law and on the side of the law, however if we are force to violence by any extremist groups so called white supremacists we will answer the same way, as force will be contained with force.
A warning to all of those extremists is that is better not to mess with us. For a long time we have respected these extremist movements and we will continue up to point. I repeat we will use the law as much as possible. This is our own struggle and we won