Anna Johnson/AP's pro-illegal immigration propaganda

Anna Johnson of the AP offers "Some Immigration Marchers Pay High Price". Let's see if we can spot errors as early as the first paragraph:

Six employees at a seafood restaurant in Houston were fired this week after skipping work to take part in a pro-immigration march. In Detroit, 21 immigrants lost their jobs as meat cutters after attending a similar protest last month.

Calling the marches "pro-immigration" is definitely on the border between misleading and an outright lie. The marches were only concerned with illegal immigration and the legislation they were protesting for or against only involves illegal immigration. And, while the 21 might be all or some "immigrants", there's a good possibility they were all or mostly illegal aliens. At the very least they were all supporting illegal immigration.

Then, she highlights the action of various far-left groups that presumably support illegal immigration. Of course, because her article is propaganda, they aren't identified as such:

Germonique Jones, a spokeswoman for the Washington-based Center for Community Change, an umbrella group behind the rallies... Jerry Gonzalez of the Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials, which helped organize Monday's march in Atlanta... ...Mexican-American Political Association, a central organizer of rallies in Southern California... Navito Lopez... ...Tim Bell of the Chicago Workers Collaborative...

As pointed out many times before, the Georgia march/boycott was also organized by a former Mexican Consul General. And, Nativo (nee "Larry") Lopez reportedly wants to make Spanish the official language of California.

The AP isn't even trying to hide its biases. Please write them with your thoughts: feedback *at*