Mexicans demand rights in U.S. What happens if we refuse?

Could you please send the article "Saturday's Immigrant Rights March: Who kicked the sleeping giant?" to all of your representatives and urge them to read it?

It concerns the recent illegal alien rally in Chicago and it's written by Joshua Hoyt of the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights, a group closely linked to Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich.

The bottom line of the article is that millions of Mexicans have come here illegally and settled. And, if we follow our laws and do what's in the best interests of this country, they'll protest. Foreign citizens have settled here and are now demanding that we do what they want.

While many Democrats are corrupt and anti-American enough to allow that to happen, many Republicans and some Democrats will realize that no country can allow anything like that. If we give them what they want now, we'll just have to keep doing it.


The Republicans might have more votes if they were more "immigrant-friedly"

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Samuelson's sensible column in today's WaPo.

You're bucking racially sensitive political correctness here, and among a certain, unfortunately large segment of the literate this is still a losing battle. An example...

Earlier you suggested adding comments to Marc Cooper's blog. So I did -- mine is the first comment here. It contained a (paraphrased) question I often ask:

[Since it is a fact that most immigrants today are Hispanic, especially illegals, and it is also true that, when compared to the existing US population, Hispanics are, on average, 1) significantly more likely to be criminal, and 2) significantly less likely to succeed academically, e.g. to attend and graduate from college, some of us are wondering how it can possibly be a good idea for a nation to import, en masse, a population of people with such an unfavorable comparative demographic profile?]

A reasonable question; one that, not too surprisingly, is never answered. As here (see a following comment in the above link):

[This from eh is just blatant racist stereotyping of an entire group as should be obvious to everyone here.]

So citing demographic statistics -- facts -- about Hispanics is "blatant racist stereotyping". Presto: no need to answer the question.

Of course I could also provide many other links to data compiled by official government agencies (notorious 'racial stereotypers') that show the same thing: higher incarceration rates for Hispanics, their abysmal high school graduation rate, etc etc etc...

But it would do no good; no amount of facts will sway some people.

Which is why it is, at times, hard not be cynical and conclude the country is doomed.

Well, when our national leaders like President Bush call the patriotic Minutemen "vigilantes" and Hillary calls America a "...police state" in defense of the illegal immigrants, why shouldnt they demand more?

And if McCain & Teddy get their way and give all illegal immigrants amnesty and ultimately citizenship, they will vote. And guess which Republicans will complain that the "new" citizens block vote Democrat? McCain, Bush, Specter? Nah, they wont complain because they won't be in office, neither will many other Republicans.