Let's discredit Marc Cooper!

Marc Cooper is a writer for the L.A. Weekly and The Nation who's also "Senior Fellow for Border Justice at USC Annenberg's Institute for Justice and Journalism." He's written about immigration several times in the past, including a Minuteman Project hit piece.

He's stepped up the production of pro-illegal immigration articles lately and... he needs your help!

He gets everything wrong, and he needs people to go to sites where he contributes and point out his various errors.

Could you the reader please help both him and his readers? When he posts something about immigration, please go there and leave a comment pointing out exactly how he's wrong.

He's got his own his site, but more popular fora where he posts include the The Nation, the HuffPost, and at some site co-founded by Robert Sheer called 'truthdig'.

He's like a one-man pro-illegal immigration propaganda machine!

And, note that the blogosphere's most beloved Bushbot, Instapundit, is a big fan of Cooper's work. In fact, three times recently that I've read Cooper's articls on this subject, I was directed there by Insty. He linked twice to Cooper's blog, and just recently to the truthdig site.

Insty doesn't even link three times in quick succession to Lileks, Steyn, or other Insty faves, so he must really agree with Cooper. While unfortunately Insty doesn't allow comments, perhaps he'll catch some of the splashback.

So, please take a few minutes every now and again and see if Cooper has posted a new article at one of those sites. Then, leave comments and links in order to help his readers understand what's really going on.


The border justice we need is justice and loyalty to our fellow citizen, especially the net taxpayer. We owe allegiance to the net taxpayer when he is victimized by border-disrespecting foreigners here.