Illegal aliens march in Chicago, get support from Blago, Gutierrez, local media

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Up to a few hundred thousand illegal aliens and their supporters marched for immigration "reform" in Chicago earlier today. Among those supporters are the local news media and politicians. The news media took the opportunity to send out their ethnically-biased reporters who offer some rather non-journalistic propaganda.

First up, Rafael Romo of CBS 2 Chicago offers highly biased coverage in "Protesters Rally Against Illegal Immigration Bill" ( They've even got a slideshow of pictures from the party Rafael went to. (Contact info:

Unfortunately, Rafael Romo is not telling his viewers the truth: HR 4437 wouldn't "make[] it a criminal act to help illegal immigrants." Nor would it "mandate criminal action against anybody who helps an illegal immigrant".

Since Rafael Romo isn't telling the truth, you can't trust his description of those he interviewed as "immigrants"; they might be and probably are illegal immigrants. While he does have a quote from the local Minuteman Project group, he doesn't look into who was marching and, just as an example, their links to foreign governments.

Then, in "Latino businesses send workers to pro-immigrant march", at least one of those businesses admits to hiring illegal aliens.

ABC's affliate offers "100,000 people rally over controversial immigration bill" from yet another reporter with a possible ethnic conflict, Theresa Gutierrez.

Like Romo, Theresa Gutierrez isn't telling the truth: HR4437 would not "make it illegal to assist any undocumented immigrant". It's a bit odd that she's not telling the truth in the same was that Romo isn't telling the truth, isn't it? Her report also has a MMP project quote and also doesn't look into the truth about the marchers.

Meanwhile, from the American side, comes blog reports like "Vignettes From The Reconquista":
I noticed this lady was crying so I asked permission to snap a photo and then asked why she was crying. She informed me that she had been working with "these folks" for a number of years and she wanted them to feel at home here.

Let me start by saying this was a very nice lady, she truly was. I'm sure those who know her would say she has an enormous heart.

But she's an idiot and indicative of a phenomena I noticed along the marches path. Upper crust white women lined the path and had a look on their faces I can only describe as a mother watching her child. It was a species of pride that galled my soul.

It was almost unbelievably arrogant, but arrogance cloaked in compassion. And this type of empty headed compassion is killing this country. We can't allow every person on the planet to enter so where do we draw the line?
It comes complete with a presumed picture of the useful idiot.

Returning to the other side, two more possibly ethnically-conflicted reporters, Oscar Avila and Antonio Olivo, offer "Ethnic groups rally for immigrant rights" (link):
"As the saying goes, 'I have a dream.' Well, we have dreams, too," [a marcher] said. "African-Americans were looking for social acceptance. That is what we want, too."
Obvious to most, there's a difference between someone who's ancestors were brought here hundreds of years ago and someone who snuck over the border three months ago. Obvious to everyone, of course, except for "liberals". Despite the source, the report is slightly less unbalanced than the others.

Yet another (!) ethnically-oriented reporter from CBS 2, Sylvia Gomez, offers "One Immigrant Family Talks About Their Concerns" ( It completely supports illegal immigration, and includes:
"Sometimes, people say people from here are better than Mexicans," said Gabriela Montelongo, a 3rd grader. "I tell them no, they aren't. They're the same people."
OK. Now, perhaps her parents should consider abiding by our laws just like we would abide by theirs. Few Americans would try to flout the laws of Mexico, and even fewer would illegally enter Mexico then hold marches demanding rights to which they weren't entitled. Almost all Americans would consider that unthinkable.

Finally, one of the latest tactics of supporters of illegal immigration is quite inventive: they're trying to push Irish illegal aliens to the fore ( Apparently the intention is to make it look like illegal aliens aren't just Mexicans, when in fact almost all of them are. And, apparently they're trying to appeal to ethnic solidarity on the part of Irish-Americans.

It probably won't work, since unlike, say, ethnically-oriented reporters, most Irish-Americans will end up putting their country ahead of their ethnicity. Now, finally, we come to the quotes from "American" politicians, taken from various of the above reports:
"Whether their names are Gutierrez or Lozano, Lipinski or Blagojevich; it doesn't matter," said Gov. Rod Blagojevich. "This is a country build by immigrants."

Mayor Richard M. Daley said: "Those who are here undocumented, we're not going to make criminals out of them. That is not what America has ever stood for and will not stand for."

U.S. Rep. Luis Gutierrez told the crowd that immigrants are here to stay, and pledged to work to block the bill.

"It is clearly a time in which we proudly here in Chicago have said enough of unfairness and bigotry and hatred against the immigrant community," said Rep. Luis Gutierrez, (D)-Chicago.

"The city of Chicago has been built by immigrants. Our past, our present and future deals with immigrants. No one in the history of America can ever turn their backs upon immigrants this day and age," said Mayor Daley.

Noting Chicago was built by new arrivals to this country who simply wanted a share of the American Dream, Daley said, "We are not going to make criminals out of (immigrants). That is not what America has ever stood for."

U.S. Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.), a Hispanic, drew cheers as he recognized Irish, Polish, Chinese and African-American rally participants.

"I have never been prouder to march, to show my commitment to a cause, than I have been today," Gutierrez said. "We have brought together the true fabric of what Chicago is, of what our country is."

"Raise those American flags!" shouted Gutierrez. "This is our country, and this is where we will stay."


I tried reading your reply but the fact it made no sense made it a little hard. And the useage of the word "leprachauns" as you use it is every bit as racist as any of the slang dropping morons that think that just because your skin is peach colored that you cannot be discriminated against.

maybe we should make bush an illegal immigrant
oh wouldnt it be bad for hastert if those illegals voted i mean i could find himself without a job! so guess you gotta fight them darn wetbacks for the good of america (and your job!) and for the good of the leprachuns i mean ira i means voters

Once again, conservative rhetoric is all emotion an no facts -- wishing things were one way doesn't make it so. The new immigration bill WILL criminalize anyone who assists undocumented aliens. Under the proposed law, if an eight year-old undocumented immigrant is hit by a bus and taken to a hospital, the doctors and nurses who attend to her are more or less an accessory to a crime. Same goes for the priest who gives her last rights. READ THE BILL (I have) and you'll see that this is just the tip of the iceberg.

I agree that we need to protect our borders. And I agree that those who come to the U.S. should do so legally. This bill, however, is not the answer! But what does any of this bitching matter? Bush does what he wants, no matter how stupid or misguided, and he doesn't care who gets hurt in the process. Our democracy is a thing of the past! Every empire comes crashing down, and the U.S. is no different. However miserable our fate, we're beginning to deserve it.

Amazing how many people internalize the crap fed to them by lying politicians.
No, we not all immigrants in the USA. The vast majority of the population is made up natural-born US citizens.
We even have (unfortunatley) birthright citizenship policies that give citizenship to the children of illegal aliens. Only the children of foreign diplomats and their staff are exempted.
The US is not a geographical expression, it is a nation that was created by (using contemporary terminology) a bunch of "evil, dead white males" of British stock.

Mika: Yeah, yeah, I know all about liberty and justice for all. I know all about how America was founded. I know all about how high schools are fuckin' up. I know all about how everybody in the goddamn world is sneaking into the United States for "a better life."

And Mika, the people who post stuff here are not "ignorant."

If dealing chiva is part of what you consider "a better life," then maybe you should try it, Mika.

But beware of this: If you are a white guy, Mika, and you try to establish your dope business on the streets of Stockton, you have a life expectancy of about ten fuckin' minutes.

You forget that in Daley's Chicago everybody is a (voting) citizen, even dead people!

Yes, Mika, but they were all legal immigrants. There's a huge difference in the costs to the US and to the illegal immigrants themselves. By allowing everyone in, you are enabling the corruption and racism of the Mexican government, thereby ensuring even more illegal immigration in the future.

Mika: If all the floor-moppers and peach-pickers disappeared tomorrow, the wages for these jobs would rise until American citizens were willing to do these things. Supply and demand is alive and well, and works for labor as well as goods. The statement "... you are all immigrants" is false. We are descendants of legal immigrants, a rather different matter. However, it's a distinction which tends to be brushed aside by those with a history of crime and corruption.

To say latinos are at fault for the drugs that are being sold on the street corners is just ignorant. In fact, all of the comments posted here are ignorant. How do you think American was founded? Do you think God created 10 white men and said "Here, take this land and call it America?". People from a different country, migrated here for a better life. Looking for opportunity. That is what the people from Mexico, Cuba, Peru, etc., are trying to do. I would love it if Mexico could be considered as a country of opportunity, just like the U.S. But it's not. Please, if all the "illegal" immigrants we sent back to their country, this country would fall apart. Do you really think, an American born male/female who is 20 years old is going to want a job picking peachs? Or wash dishes, or cut grass, or plant flowers or mop resturant floors? Work the night shift at an office bulidng to clean up other peoples mess? Have you seen the youth of America? They want jobs with a high paying salary. In high school, you are taught to work hard in shcool and continue your education, and you won't have to do any of the jobs I just mentioned. So tell me, while American kids are being taught to this, who is suppose to be doing the under paid jobs? What happened to "liberty & justice for ALL"? This land was founded by immigrants. Whether you care to believe it or not you are all immigrants too.

I was born in the central valley of California and I have lived here all my life (62 years). In 1953 I, my father and mother, and my little sister picked peaches in orchards around Modesto. We were not picking peaches as a hobby. We did it to pay the rent. A lot of other Americans were also doing the same thing. And along with us, there were lots of Mexican wetbacks, and nobody seemed to care. Hell, back in those days there were enough orchards in California to put the entire goddamn population of the world to work!

Things are different now. Sure, the peach trees are still full of illegal Mexicans, but nobody cares about that. If people are going to sneak into the United States to work, then that's where they should be working. They shouldn't be working as plumbers, carpenters, truck drivers, and a hundred other occupations you see them in now.

And another thing that pisses me off is this---lots and lots of illegal aliens come to America to do things other than work. For example: I can take you to downtown Stockton, California, and within an hour I can show you drug dealers standing on the street corners selling marijuana, chiva, coke, and crank. These drug dealer are illegal aliens from Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Cuba, and many other places south of the border.

Nobody seems to care. I am assuming that the State of California has already been lost.

Thanx for keeping city updated on "illegals'" traffic tie-ups. Where did they come from? Was INS taking names, pix?

Mayor Richard M. Daley said: "Those who are here undocumented, we're not going to make criminals out of them."

We don't have to "make criminals out of them" - they are already criminals. They break our laws by coming here, staying here, working here, and in other various ways.

Thanks for the hook-up!

I'm sure you can imagine it was pretty hairy out there today. Always nice to see our elected officials whoring for non citizens, no?