Luis Gutierrez, racist and racial demagogue

Luis Gutierrez is a Democratic representative from Illinois. He's also a racist and a racial demagogue. Despite being Puerto Rican - and thus born a U.S. citizen - he's a strong supporter of illegal immigration from Mexico, as his appearance at the recent march in support of illegal immigration shows. This is what he told a group of illegal aliens:
"This is our country, and this is where we will stay."
Clearly, Gutierrez is willing to put his race before his country and he has no rights to represent the U.S. if he isn't willing to either support our laws or work to change them.

And, on Wednesday, he and Rep. Tom Tancredo got into a spat, only part of which is recounted by the RMN here.
At one point, Gutierrez reportedly asked Tancredo if he had ever eaten in a restaurant.

"How could you eat from the plates touched by those nasty illegal immigrants?" Gutierrez said.

He then asked Tancredo, "Have you ever eaten an orange? A grape?" - an apparent reference to illegal farm workers.

He then repeated the phrase several times as Tancredo tried to answer: "An orange, a grape, an orange, a grape, an orange, a grape."

Gutierrez, who has a cast on a foot, reportedly walked toward an elevator, but Tancredo tried to stop him by putting his hand on his shoulder. Gutierrez reportedly demanded: "Get your hand off me!"

Adams said Tancredo had done little more than tap him on the shoulder.

Gutierrez said to Tancredo: "You racist! You bigot!"

Tancredo told Gutierrez: "You look in the mirror if you want to see a racist."
But, there's more. What the RMN fails to report is something else this fine "American" said:
After the lunchtime show in the Cannon Rotunda ended, Gutierrez made a joke about how the "immigrant" (him, though he was born in Chicago) showed up on time while the "Gringo" (Tancredo) was late. Gutierrez told Tancredo that he had a "really ugly policy."
I know some people say otherwise (or pretend otherwise), but I consider "gringo" a racial slur.

In addition to having little qualifications besides his race, Gutierrez is a racist and a racial demagogue. And, I question his loyalty to this country.

I'd imagine there's little chance of having him recalled, but at least he'll help show everyone else what the Democratic Party truly stands for. Please do your part to help the Democratic Party take pride in true Democrats such as Gutierrez and the fine members of the California legislature.


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Gutierrez is also a terrorist-lover.
In 1999 Gutierrez worked with fellow Puerto Rico-connected lawmakers and Progressive Caucus members Nydia Velazquez (D.-New York) and Jose Serrano (D.-New York) to pressure Democratic President Bill Clinton to free convicted FALN terrorists whose bombs had killed six men, women and children and had blinded or maimed several police officers. Gutierrez pressed President Clinton to pardon even those FALN killers who refused to express remorse for their terrorist acts.

Gutierrez is actually a member of the Progressive Caucus, which is comprised of the 50 most left-leaning Democrats in Congress. Some if its best known members include Nancy Pelosi, Bernard Sanders, Maxine Waters, Dennis Kucinich, Charles Rangel, and Jesse Jackson Jr. The Progressive Caucus was officially aligned with the Democratic Socialists of America until 1998, when this connection began to attract unwanted attention and was quietly dropped.

Basically, this bunch dislike America and our economic system, which is still at least nominally capitalist. I think it probably bothers people like Rep. Gutierrez that our system rewards people based mostly on merit, rather than having a system where the elite, elected and otherwise, determine how society's goodies are distributed. Rep. Gutierrez' mentality is more consistent with that found in 3rd world banana republics, where he would undoubtedly feel more at home than he does here.