Illegal immigration even Victorians can discuss

A lot of people in the chattering classes are afraid to discuss illegal immigration because of the racial component. However, even the most Victorian "liberal" should feel free to discuss illegal immigration by the Irish, right?

On Wednesday, Hillary Clinton, John McCain, Teddy Kennedy, and Charles Schumer welcomed a delegation of Irish illegal aliens to Washington. They were from the "Irish Lobby for Immigration Reform" group.

Now comes the word that their group is funded by the Irish government: "McCain and Hillary Rally Illegals" (humaneventsonline . com/article.php?id=13102).
"It is so heartening to see you here," said Clinton. "You are really here on behalf of what America means, America's values, America's hopes."

"You are doing what democracy is supposed to be all about, petitioning the government to right a wrong," said McCain.
Obviously, neither of them have a clue and are not qualified to be U.S. Senators.

UPDATE: I missed this at the end:
"This kind of reception is enough to make a guy want to run for President of the United States," said McCain, after the illegal aliens gave him a standing ovation.

Clinton and McCain may think their pandering will appeal to Irish-American voters. But when they run in the United States of America in 2008, they just might find that their fawning words for a foreign-government-funded lobby that flouts U.S. immigration law sounded more like fighting words to many plain, old-fashioned, red-blooded voters—even if they happen to be proud, law-abiding Irish-Americans.


Some good points. But first they are not undocumented, they are illegal aliens and thus criminals.
The term "undocumented" is a politically correct term used to hide the illegal status of the alien workers.

Time to start working together to STOP Hillary and McCain. Teddy and Chucky are hopless. But, we need to campaign against Hillary and McCain because they are worse than Teddy and Chucky, but they might get elected.

I feel that anyone who is undocumented should not have the right to go to school, Work, Own a home or give citizenship to new born babies or parents. Some Citizen because of this matter don't receive help and their is not enough work for us. If any immigrants want the U.S. dream when they should fix their document the right way like any other residents. We say "NO citizenship or school to undocumented students and for their parents". WHAT ABOUT US CITIZENS!