A Center for Human Rights and Constitutional Law / California State Bar update

As previously discussed, the Center for Human Rights and Constitutional Law is collaborating with the Mexican government on the "Voces Unidas" project.

CHRCL "is generously supported by the California Legal Services Trust Fund", causing me to ask whether state-managed money was being used to help an invading foreign power.

It took a few weeks, but the State Bar has replied to my question and indicates that none of the State Bar's Legal Services Trust Fund's grant money is going towards CHRCL's "Voces Unidas" project:

To qualify for a LSTF grant, a recipient must be either a "qualified legal services project" or a "qualified support center" as described in California Business and Professions Code section 6213. Grant recipients certify that they meet all statutory criteria and that they will spend grant monies in support of qualified legal services projects and restricted to matters directly related to the needs of legal services clients.