California Democrat Gil Cedillo re-introduces driver's licenses for illegal aliens bill

As surely as Winter follows Fall, Gil Cedillo has introduced SB 1160, which would give driver's licenses to those who are in California illegally. SB1160 is identical to last year's SB60.

Schwarzenegger's press secretary says his opposition to this bill remains.

Most of the illegal aliens who'd get licenses under this bill are of the same race as Cedillo, who's a former member of the racial separatist group MEChA. In a long-forgotten interview, Cedillo said we should give DLs to IAs because "they were here first".

Despite all that, we're supposed to believe this bill is about "public safety".

In the press conference, "One Bill Gil" reorganized his bilingual talking points to highlight to the Spanish audience Arnold's recent motorcycle accident. Arnold might not have had the proper license endorsement. Somehow, Cedillo thinks that's supposed to make him sympathetic to the plight of those who snuck over our borders.

One of the interesting and somewhat unexpected subtexts of the article is that Cedillo might be an embarrassment to the Democratic Party, especially to those who are running for statewide office.

I have to disagree (wink, wink). I think Gil Cedillo is a perfectly fine Democrat, and one that the national Democratic Party should be proud of (wink, wink). In fact, I suggest making him the poster child for the national Dems. He truly is the heart and soul of the modern Democratic Party, and the more Americans who know about his quest the more they'll love that party.

Please do your part to help everyone in America get to know our fine California Democrats like Cedillo, Fabian Nunez, and Antonio Villaraigosa.


Here we go again, this country will not survive another era of good living.