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Michael Learmonth
New York
News Director at Vice News. Say hi:
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From @learmonth
“Deep down no one really gives a shit about racism”: an ICE contractor posted a dozen times on Iron March, the now-…
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From @VFemikaze
@learmonth @vicenews @misstessowen @VICE Well, he's not wrong. Most people who flex about racism are doing it for cred.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@VFemikaze: follow the $ on @learmonth. Mass immigration is great for Big Biz & the rich. Less immigration raises their labor costs. In Michael Learmonth of VICE's position, what would most do? They'd push mass immigration - falsely pretending it's anti-Trump - to help the rich
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From @mccarthyryanj
RT @learmonth: If Democrats take back the House they think they can do a deal with Trump to expand Social Security @alxthomp…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@mccarthyryanj @learmonth: more probably turn to Vogue or Mad for news than VICE, & with good reason. Eg, @alxthomp helped Trump lie about Twitter censorship. He knows about the data at my top tweet showing Trump/Breitbart/GOP wrong, but he refuses to correct his deception.