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New York, NY
VP, Social. Love news, media, #acappella & America. Dubbed 'hat guy' by Jesse Jackson. I drink your kool-aid & a Red Bull before bed. I don't drink water. Ever.
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From @ForecasterEnten
On the one hand, who'd have thought 5 years ago that the most likely 2020 prez matchup was Sanders v. Trump. On the…
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From @mcbc
@ForecasterEnten I mean it was the obvious pick. The introduction of former VP Biden was what shook up that prediction.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@mcbc: CNN greatly helped Trump win & they're working on doing it again. Their lackeys like @ForecasterEnten entertain with meaningless horserace while ignoring what really matters: policy. CNN is a disgrace to journalism & greatly harmful to the USA.