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Matt Duss
Washington, DC
Foreign Policy Advisor for @SenSanders. Opinions my own.
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RT @EricLevitz: Rubio spent his 2016 campaign insisting that the first black president was deliberately sabotaging the country ("he knows e…
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.@mattduss: Trump was incredibly easy to stop: really pin him & his proxies down on how his signature selling points (the "wall", Muslim ban, etc) were unimplementable (as we now see). Did @EricLevitz use his mini megaphone to help make that happen, or did he just play around?
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.@mattduss: you know what's even crazier than concerns about EMPs? Concerns about fluoride and concerns about the NAU.
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Questions @theprospect etc. can't answer: So, why trust them? @mattduss @LemieuxLGM @TomCarsonWriter #p2 #tlot