"Boob Bait for Bubba"

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Rich Lowry ([1]):
The late Democratic Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan called it "boob bait for bubba" - tough-sounding rhetoric designed to placate conservative voters. Moynihan applied the phrase to Bill Clinton's 1992 pledge to "end welfare as we know it," which it later became clear that he had no intention of following through on when he became president (eventually, Republicans pressured him into it). President Bush is offering his own "boob bait" in the form of speechifying at the border about a crackdown on illegal immigration.

It's not that Bush doesn't intend to use better technology to police the border and end the "catch and release" policy that waves illegals into the country, as he is now saying. But these steps are primarily meant to diminish opposition to a new guest-worker program and what would effectively be an amnesty for illegal aliens. It's a crackdown as prelude to a letup; in other words, Rove bait for red-staters.

A Republican close to the White House has told Time how Bush wants to lull his conservative supporters into swallowing some sort of amnesty and a guest-worker program, i.e., a "comprehensive" approach: "Bush decided to give these guys their rhetorical pound of flesh. In return, he wants a comprehensive bill, which is what he has always wanted. He's just going to lead with a lot of noise about border security..."
[1] nationalreview Β· com/lowry/lowry200511290829.asp


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Everyone should read this article called
"Suzie's Letter to Mexico":


The Rats will have amnesty and a guest worker program because the big money people in our government want it!, the fact is we all will become Mexicans and live in a third world hell.

if you don't fight this non government you may as well just start teaching your kids "Mexican" oh i forgot the schools down here are doing that now!

say goodby to ideals of a free life and say goodby to your culture. by the way some of us will fight and just like in world war two evil always appears to be all powerful but in the end we will have our great nation back.