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Christian, Husband, Father, Minister, Presidential candidate
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.@salclaudiarios @scottusa2016: Scott Walker just hired @LizMair. She's quite open about supporting amnesty (both to me & to others). #tcot
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.@salclaudiarios @scottusa2016: Scott Walker is a #Koch front & the Kochs want loose borders. *Prove me wrong!* Get SW to oppose legalizing!
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Join @TPPatriots and @ScottWalker for a tele town hall at 8PM EDT sign up here -->​#teaparty
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@jennybethm @TPPatriots @ScottWalker Join @scottusa2016 and to save our nation
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@jennybethm @TPPatriots @Thank you for allowing me to present on the dangers of Trade Promotion Authority.
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.@rmanning957: @JennyBethM & TPPatriots have grifted millions of dollars. Have they stopped even one thing on Obama's agenda? #teaparty #sgp
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.@scottusa2016: I heard someone say Scott Walker wants to legalize most illegal aliens. Is that right or wrong?