The ultimate Special Election voting guide

The unions and the far-lefties in the California legislature have conducted what has to be one of the dirtiest, sleaziest, most dishonest campaigns ever. In case you're still undecided, here are a few links:

- Xrlq has a voting guide here (List of other guides here).

_ BFT has his own here; the only difference is he says "no" on 78 (with 79, they form opposing propositions).

- (UPDATE) Here's another roundup.

- Indepundit has an ANSWER mailing with their voting guide and he suggests voting the exact opposite from what they suggest. Makes (mostly) good sense to me.

Here's what I suggest:

73 - YES! (Parental notification before abortion)
Kids have to get parental approval to get body piercings, but not to get an abortion? And, they can still get the abortion, this proposition would only require that the parents were notified. Don't worry about the scare tactics that children would need to navigate the judicial system, I'm sure plenty of "advocates" will spring up. Note, however, that this might have a bit of a poison pill as described here, so I'm not 100% on supporting this.

74 - YES! (Public school teacher tenure)
Strongly support.

75 - YES! (Public employee union dues)
Strongly support. Unions supporting far-left policies is what got us into the mess we're in.

76 - YES! (State spending & school funding limits)
Strongly support.

77 - YES! (Redistricting)
Strongly support.

78 - NO! (Prescription drugs, drug companies' version)

79 - NO! (Prescription drugs, socialists version)

80 - NO! (Regulation of electric service providers)
See this argument.


Let the chips fall...

Will do good ideals.