Los Angeles Times endorses Proposition 75

In an official, editorial page endorsement, the LAT has thrown whatever weight it has left behind the same proposition that Arnold Schwarzenegger supports: "Their views, their dues":

The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that union members cannot be forced to finance political activity, and Proposition 75 merely requires that public employee unions get written consent from their members before their dues and fees are used for political purposes. Currently, union members must request specifically that their dues not be spent on politics, and there is some question about how realistic a choice this is in some unions. Shifting the burden to the union to gain the consent of a member β€” as Washington, Utah and other states now require β€” does not seem onerous, and may even encourage greater accountability on the part of union leadership.

UPDATE: Here's a Special Election blog. See also the following:

True face of Democratic Party: union thugs attack woman at anti-Arnold rally

One of the California Teachers Association commercials appears to be, er, lying.

The California Teachers Association is spending itself into financial difficulties with these sleazy ads.

Union thugs shout down teachers suing over union electioneering

One of the fire fighters commercials features Mark Skeen. Did you know he's not just a firefighter, but the executive vice president of the San Jose Fire Fighters Union?

And, this is in some ways a battle between Arnold and the far-lefties in the California legislature. They are far-left indeed.

Here's more on CA Assemblywoman Jackie Goldberg. The Policy Committee for the World Communist Youth Festival? She was on it.

From 2003: "Recall Supporters Violently Attacked"

And, here's a quote from former CA State Senator John Vasconcellos, D-Santa Clara: "Since [the U.S.] stole [the U.S. Southwest] from [Mexico], why do you say it's unfair to steal it back from us?"

CA State Sen. Gil Cedillo said something similar ("they were here first") in part of his continual quest to get legal California driver's licenses into the hands of illegal aliens from Mexico.

And, see "California legislators ask Mexican Senate to intervene [in driver's licenses for illegal aliens]": "We want the Mexican people to know that the measure is on [Arnold Schwarzenegger's] desk... However it is now September and he has not responded whatsoever, although we will insist on approval of the bill, basically so that illegal migrants can have access to education and health services in the U.S..."

Bottom line: Arnold is up against some really bad people who don't have the state's best interests at heart. Don't believe their lies.

See also the following:
True face of Democratic Party: union thugs attack woman at anti-Arnold rally

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Arnold Schwarzenegger TV questioners included three Democratic activists (the questioners were billed to the viewers as "balanced" and "representative", and those activists weren't identified as such. Needless to say, the Los Angeles Times buried this news.)


I guess a broken clock is right twice a day (or twice a year in the LA Times' case.