Arianna Huffington in a Sierra Club SUV: picture available!

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As previously discussed, Arianna was driven out of the Sierra Club's summit meeting in a massive Chevy Suburban.

Now, you can bid on a picture of Arianna Huffington in the gas-guzzling SUV. It's personally signed by Doug from Upland, so click the link to bid on this souvenir of failed limousine liberalism today:

Arianna Huffington, the force behind "The Detroit Project," which demonized SUVs, was keynote speaker on Sept. 11 at the Sierra Summit 2005 in San Francisco. How did she get to the event at the Moscone Center, you may ask. Did she take BART? Did she take a cab? Did she carpool? Did she take her Prius? Did she rent an environmentally friendly vehicle at SFO? None of the above. Arianna and her driver arrived at the Moscone Center in a giant Chevy Suburban, one of the biggest and most powerful gas guzzling vehicles on the planet. Why did Arianna do that? Well, it should be obvious if you ever read George Orwell's ANIMAL FARM. Yes, indeed, some animals are more equal than others...

UPDATE: Bidding has ended; it went for $41.