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Richard Riley
Charlottesville, Virginia
Tax lawyer in Wash DC. Father of three (husband of one). Resident of Charlottesville VA. Close follower of my Twitter feed!
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From @BrianSumers
@maggieNYT thank you so much for the retweet. It mean a lot!
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From @rfrileyjr
@BrianSumers Got you this new follower! Biz flyer looking fwd to yr info. Always trust content from @maggieNYT, as @kausmickey likes to say.
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From @BrianSumers
@rfrileyjr @maggieNYT @kausmickey awesome! Thanks so much for jumping on board. I'll try not to disappoint!
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@BrianSumers: re Kaus following you (I guess), if you knew a flight was about to crash what would you do? Would you try to stop it?