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Linda Tirado
Chicago for now.
Author, writer. Backwards and in heels. “she actually has a rationalized, deconstructed, rebuilt purpose for not caring” -@goodbeerhunting
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From @aaronwiener
Scoop from @nlanard: ICE just quietly opened three new detention centers, flouting limits imposed by Congress
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From @RadicalGoats
@aaronwiener @KillerMartinis @nlanard This is what that no-strings-attached funding that @SenSchumer and…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@RadicalGoats: re #MoJo & #immigration (& Schumer/Pelosi), look at the bottom line. Big Biz wants mass immigration to lower wages. MoJo, @aaronwiener, Schumer, Pelosi, would all give Big Biz all the cheap labor they want. None of them are liberals or leftwingers.