National Council of La Raza: illegal aliens are its "constituents"

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National Council of La Raza has made quite an interesting admission. This shouldn't be shocking, but it does tell you where they're coming from:

"If federal authorities are using (Katrina) as an enforcement opportunity, it creates a moral dilemma for us in how do we advise our constituents," Cecilia Munoz, vice president of policy for the National Council of La Raza, the largest U.S.-based Hispanic advocacy group, said Monday.


La Raza is Hitler and it is a nemesis to our freedoms just like bin laden.
La Raza Terrorists for mexico! and its low life people are into all kinds of drugs and third world deals.

thank you eh for saying that, this is not a nation but a places wanting to become mexico!

sad that young people in iraq are unknowingly fighting for a third world idea. what is the point when people will not act against evil doers inside a criminal government that hates its own people and loves the rats of the third world.

No surprise -- they're an ethnic-themed organization, and I don't really fault them at all for showing that 'blood is thicker than water', so to speak.

It's only a shame that white Americans, who represent the national demographic heritage of the nation, for the most part can't seem to work up the nerve or courage to self-identify in the same way in order to preserve the character of the nation their forebearers fought to establish and develop.

Munoz shuold know all about how to do it
after all he wants the dismantling of the usa anyway we can do it, the la raza boys are some of the most evil rats around. yes la raza the largest hate race group on earth.

what a joke.