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6th Largest Economy on Earth
I believe in Human Rights, Civil Rights, Women's Rights. The earth is warming and it's round. Separation of Church & State.
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From @isaacstanbecker
It’s disinformation. It’s effective, even when its reach isn’t massive. And campaigns are basically powerless to st…
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From @KymLang
@isaacstanbecker @maggieNYT @TonyRomm Maybe we should focus on "the big one" first - Face Book.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@KymLang: perhaps you should focus on being a real liberal first, Kym. @isaacstanbecker 's "Homespun disinformation campaigns on social media represent a rising threat" is like something from USSR/DDR/NK/etc. He - one "Isaac Stanley-Becker" - wants to decide what you can read.