Fabian Nunez, California Democrat, kisses up to Vicente Fox

Fabian Nunez, Democrat and Speaker of the California Assembly visited Mexico yesterday to speak to his president Vicente Fox. The plan? To try to smooth over ruffled feathers by Arnold Schwarzenegger's outrageous semi-support for enforcing our immigration laws, as well as Nunez' suggestion that Arnold declares a border emergency:
...the speaker said the emergency decree was a matter "between the states and the Bush administration" meant to seek resources to solve border region problems.

"In no way does it seek to attack or place blame on the back of Mexico," said Nunez, a Los Angeles Democrat...
Because, as we know, Mexico plays no role in our problems with massive illegal immigration. Despite his obsequiousness, Nunez was partially in the doghouse: the meeting wasn't on Fox's official schedule. Whether he kissed Fox's ring is not disclosed.
State Republican officials said Nunez's trip was orchestrated to woo Hispanic voters ahead of the Nov. 8 election...
Wait... I though Nunez at least pretends to be an American? Why should a visit to a foreign country do an American politician any good?
On arrival at Mexico City airport, Nunez, who lived in Mexico until age 7, said enforcement of immigration law "has to be done with respect and dignity." He said "California depends on Mexican labor" and endorsed the idea of legalizing many of those now working illegally...

...Schwarzenegger said there was no need for [a border emergency] declaration. He also said state law allows him to declare emergencies only in case of war, natural disasters or epidemics.

In a letter he sent to Nunez on Wednesday, Schwarzenegger said the law was intended to protect health, safety, life and property in extreme circumstances...
On that note, see "Senators Hollingsworth and Morrow and Assemblymen Haynes and Wyland Unveil Illegal Immigration Proposal":
The proposed legislation addresses these concerns by giving the Governor the explicit authority to call a state of emergency in regards to illegal immigration. Should the Governor declare a state of emergency, it allows for greater coordination and for the use of personnel and resources to address the problem.


But: Cedillo's latest plan to give DLs to illegals just cleared committe in Sacramento.