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Rebecca Plevin
Palm Springs, CA
Reporter covering immigration and the CA-Mexico border for @mydesert @USATODAY Network. @pulitzercenter grantee. Previously @KPCC.
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From @rebeccaplevin
Dania and fellow caravan members made a cozy house by the baseball field at the sports complex turned migrant shelt…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@rebeccaplevin recounts a cheery tale about caravan participant "D". D has the means/gumption to make a move. What about the 10s of millions who can't? Won't the loss of all those Ds greatly harm those who can't leave? Instead of pro-Big Biz propaganda, try real journalism.
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From @SupervisorAlejo
RT @rebeccaplevin: Increasingly, the people picking your fruits + vegetables are young, foreign-born and in the country legally, on a tempo…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Cesar Chavez wanted Americans picking crops for good wages & under safe conditions. You two want the opposite. Which of you two (or both) are getting a cut? #Monterey #USAToday MT @SupervisorAlejo RT @rebeccaplevin: ppl picking your veggies are young, foreign-born [& on a visa]