Houston reaffirms illegal aliens sanctuary policy

Like Los Angeles, New York, (reportedly) Denver, and several other major cities (and terrorist targets) Houston has a sanctuary policy that prevents their cops from asking about someone's immigration status.

HPD Captain Bruce Williams explains how this works:

"If the citizen can come to us and know that we're going to take the information that they give us without looking into their status as an immigrant, then they're more free to come to us and talk about crime issues."

Councilman Mark Ellis is trying to change the policy:

"I am in favor of supporting what the Bush administration has asked local government entities to do, and that is to assist in enforcing the criminal illegal immigration laws."

However, Houston Police Chief Harold Hurtt says:

"That is our policy. At this time we do not have any intention of changing it."

Now, see "'Sanctuary' practice in Houston draws fire". Last year 9/11 Commission member John Lehman said:

"The terrorists know" which cities have such policies


"HPD Captain Bruce Williams"
"Houston Police Chief Harold Hurtt"

AKA idiots.