However could we pay for a California Border Patrol?

The bill that would have created a California Border Patrol didn't make it out of the Assembly Judiciary Committee.

Apparently the members of that committee simply ignored the arguments that the federal government would allow California to create such a force, instead relying on outdated laws and cases.

From "Curbs on illegal immigration fail":
Opponents said both measures raised constitutional questions, that they could actually increase state costs and that the two lawmakers should be complaining to President Bush about inadequate immigration enforcement...

Opponents questioned where the deficit-plagued state would get the money to pay for the extra officers and said immigration police could jeopardize the relationship between local officers and immigrant communities.

"The solution is not to create a new border patrol," Francisco Estrada, director of public policy for the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund, told the committee.

What's needed instead, he said, is "comprehensive immigration reform" that would clear up a visa backlog and allow a legal immigrant work force...
Well, gosh, if a Ford Foundation funded organization that supports illegal immigration says it's so, it must be so.

As for where we'd get the money, well, gosh golly gee, I have no idea. Perhaps from the savings we'd enjoy by not having so many illegal aliens in the state? Could that - perhaps and maybe - be one possible way we'd pay for this? I'm no mathematical genius, but spending millions to save billions seems like it might work to me.

It'd be nice if one of these days some reporter somewhere would call these idiots on their BS.