How many illegal aliens is Bush responsible for?

Part of the answer can be found here. Judicial Watch used the FOIA to request a survey that the Border Patrol did of detained illegal aliens.

The key findings from the survey:
1. President Bush's proposal lured greater numbers of illegal immigrants to violate the law. Approximately 45% of respondents crossed illegally based upon rumors of a Bush amnesty program.

2. Approximately 63% of the illegal aliens surveyed received Mexican government or media information supporting the notion of a Bush administration amnesty program.

3. When asked if they would seek amnesty if offered, 80% of apprehended illegal immigrants answered, "yes."
JW also obtained a memo entitled "White House Approved Talking Points":
[It] instructs Border Patrol agents to withhold information about the negative impact of the president's proposal. "Do not talk about amnesty, increase in apprehensions, or give comparisons of past immigration reform proposals... Do not provide statistics on apprehension spikes or past amnesty data..."
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the immigrants and mexicans were born in their country and they should stay there . i wonder how they would feel if millions of americans came across their border an decided to live in their houses and work their jobs. all americans aren't racist and we don't hate mexicans, its a matter of territory and keeping the land we fought for remains ours

Americans are being told that these guest peone proposals are not rightly called an amnesty; but mexicans are being told the opposite and responding accordingly. Even talking in terms of an amnesty causes the problem to grow much worse; so how can anyone support a solution that worsens the problem which was supposedly to be solved or ameliorated?