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John Bel Edwards
Louisiana, USA
56th Governor of Louisiana, Veteran, Husband to Donna and Proud Papa to Samantha, Sarah Ellen, and John Miller. #PutLouisianaFirst
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From @vincejgonzalez
@EddieRispone @realDonaldTrump @JohnBelforLA Voted for Eddie
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@vincejgonzalez: @EddieRispone supports a Muslim ban until we get better screening. Trump's been prez for 3 years. Either he ramped up screening enough to keep out ISIS embeds from France, Yemen, etc or he didn't. If he did, no ban is needed. If he didn't, he endangered USA.
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From @EddieRispone
.@realdonaldtrump is right - we need to vote out radical liberal @johnbelforla. It's time to lower our taxes, lower…
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From @matt_lorenzo7
@EddieRispone @T_FdEz @realDonaldTrump @JohnBelforLA Rispone hired hella “illegals” to keep his cost down while Lou…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@matt_lorenzo7: as @T_FdEz points out, your @EddieRispone talking point is wrong. In fact, he forced his opponents to backtrack. You got "owned". Meanwhile, his support for a Muslim ban shows how incompetent Trump is. You don't know that because your leaders are dim & corrupt.