"Mi Casa Es Su Casa? Get Real"

[...Describes an anti-illegal immigration group in Utah...] GOP activists such as Sears spell trouble for George W. Bush. As the President woos Hispanic voters with Cabinet appointments, political appeals, and immigrant-friendly policies, a rebellion is bubbling up through his party's ranks. The reason: The influx of illegals is hitting such solidly red states as Arizona and Utah particularly hard. "The problem seems to get more attention during times of fiscal distress for the states," says Jeffrey S. Passel, who studies immigration at the Urban Institute in Washington.

Look for the clash to intensify in late January. Although the issue got put on the back burner in the wake of September 11, the President plans to push once more for partial amnesty and a guest-worker program for illegal immigrants. But that call will run smack into rank-and-file Republican pressure to crack down on illegals...

The intraparty crossfire has Corporate America worried. The agriculture, hotel, and restaurant industries rely on low-wage immigrants -- many of them illegals who evade hiring controls. "There are probably 6 million or more [undocumented workers] who are raising children and paying taxes and are the backbone of some industries," says Sandra Boyd, a vice-president at the National Association of Manufacturers. "It's ridiculous to think we would deport them all..."
I have a few cavils with the article, but their tone is generally favorable so I won't complain that much.

I'll note that not only is Ms. Boyd with the National Association of Manufacturers, she's also a board member of the National Immigration Forum along with several other fine people from the ACLU, the National Council of the Race, CARECEN of L.A., SEIU, the National Restaurant Association, and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. The left and right elites, working together against the rest of us.


Yes you our so right on this one, both right and the left love the people's of mexico, because that is votes and big money for all the elites and both the right and left want this to become Aztlan. With the mexican and so called American flags over this dead land of fools; race war will never happen, because with the new race laws in the USA, and note I say only the so called USA can you go to prison for saying something bad about some person from some other so called nation state or culture. If you think that is a
Psychopathic statement you know nothing about what the federal and state laws are and many will go into laws 1/01/05, just check it out and ask what is really coming down this road of political mental cases in our government law makers and why do so many own land and have other nations passports? see:Vdare/lou dobb's broken borders/la Raza(terrists hate group, much loved by the right and left) and read all about this outrage against your rights and your lives.

one last word, our government is doing what is called "self destruction" for a reason and that reason is it need more useful amigo's to do the slave labor, canada is next.