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April Underwood
San Anselmo, CA
Currently taking a break from this here website (😻). Investor @hashtagangels (#Angels). BOD @ZillowGroup. Alumna @slackhq @twitter, others.
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From @vijaya
Can't just name one! @aunder @ChloeS @janamal @jess @KatieS you guys are the best! #SheInspiresMe…
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From @mizzou_bench
@vijaya @aunder @ChloeS @janamal @jess @KatieS You dance around answering real questions for four answers and give…
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.@mizzou_bench: cons have made it incredibly easy for #Twitter to censor them, because cons only care about themselves. That's like going to war after disbanding most of your army. When cons stand with *everyone* Twitter censors, they won't be so easy to censor.