"Mexican president vows to fight for continued U.S. acceptance of matricula identity cards"

No surprises in the headline or the story. The only question is: "how many hours until the administration caves in to his demands?"

...Fox appeared to play on his name -- which in Spanish would be "Zorro," the legendary masked sword fighter -- saying he would defend the so-called matricula cards "with a cape and a sword."

"The Matricula Consular cards are again being questioned, but we will defend them with a cape and a sword, because our countrymen who live up there are neither criminals nor terrorists," Fox said...


Well said, John S. Bolton.

So, who takes him on here --or at the border?
The politico pimps and other traitors to the American taxpayers are out of their ____ minds if they think we are all going to take much to any of this garbage.

Apparently the druggocracy of Mexico believes that it can nullify our laws, turning foreign criminals into those magic workers who can't be blamed for any action of their own. Not only that, they are being classified outside humanity, since morality doesn't apply to them any more than it does to a wild dog. The head drug dealer brandishes a sword, which in the context, puts him on the side of alqaeda, while he says his people are not terrorists, as if the tolerance of foreign criminals here could be limited to only one nationality.