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Author of Internet Daemons (@UMinnPress) Interested in digital politics & policy. Associate Professor at @Concordia University. (He/him)
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From @KarlBode
I've been warning that game streaming is going to expose how ridiculous US broadband caps are, but it's increasingl…
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From @KarlBode
I'd assumed Stadia would be a glorified paid beta, but this is notably worse than I'd expected. I'd give it a spin…
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From @mckelveyf
@KarlBode And that the US doesn't have a latency standard for broadband and Canada doesn't seem to enforce it.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@mckelveyf: in another tweet, @KarlBode whines about Net Neutrality. I urged supporters to challenge Ajit Pai etc using Socratic questions designed to show him wrong, they waved signs like kids instead. What did Karl do? Did he use his perch to push smart tactics?