"[Bush] Immigration plan envisions 'incentives' to illegal aliens"

The Washington Times has all the disturbing, previously undisclosed details on the Bush/Fox Amnesty:

Millions of illegal aliens in the United States would be free from arrest and deportation, have access to tax-deferred savings accounts and Social Security credits, and get unrestricted travel to and from their home countries under President Bush's guest-worker program.

According to previously undisclosed details of the president's plan, which some critics have described as a limited amnesty, the proposal offers numerous "incentives" for the 8 million to 12 million illegal aliens to come "out of the shadows," Homeland Security Undersecretary Asa Hutchinson, the nation's border and transportation security czar, told a Senate panel...

The end of the article mentions Teddy Kennedy. Any amnesty plan that involves increased enforcement would probably see its teeth removed due to his wise and diligant legislative efforts.

If you're considering voting for Bush, read the whole thing.

And, if that doesn't worry you, check out the older post Bush "guest worker" program to be "open to any type of employee".


If either of these amnesty proposals goes through, it will precipitate a major rush on the border. It seems strange that the experts in government don't know that our investment in labor-saving machinery and methods, is ten times what it would be in the absence of restriction of immigration. The equations of Ricardo show this; the more productive nation must be pushed back to the world average, before migration would stop. To have 90% of our productive capital be made surplus, just to use all the available labor in the world, would be an economic disaster. The rich can't possibly want that situation; therefore only the malice of power-seekers can explain a move that would end up there.