"Feng Shui, non-citizen voting, and invasive plant species?"

Carnac takes a long, disturbing look at the envelope and says: CA State Assemblyman Leland Yee.

Yee is the guy who I had previously associated only with his call to Feng Shui Sacramento (link). I couldn't recall his name, only referring to him as "Feng Shui guy." However, he seems to deserve a bit more scrutiny.

He's a former San Francisco councilman, and the article "Latest Open Borders Fad: Non-Citizen Voting" (link) says:

...state Assemblyman Leland Yee, says he'll introduce statewide legislation to strengthen the school board measure's legality.

The school board measure in question would allow non-citizens - including illegal aliens - to vote in school board elections. There's more about it in "S.F. supes flunk citizenship" (link). And, there's a bit more about Yee here (copy here).

OK, so we've covered Feng Shui and non-citizen/illegal alien voting. What about the "invasive plant species" bit?

This thread links to this hysterical blast from Leland Yee's recent past (link):

It seemed like a noble mission when a group of gardeners set out five years ago to restore native plants, bugs and animals to San Francisco's few remaining green spaces.

But when they began killing hundreds of eucalyptus and cypress saplings, roping off popular hiking trails and talking about spearing bullfrogs with pitchforks, some fellow environmentalists complained they'd gone too far...

The dispute rose to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, which clamped down in September, ordering the group to stop its work until a citizens advisory committee can be formed to oversee it.

One supervisor, Leland Yee, took umbrage at the notion that only native species should be kept, and exotic ones eradicated, comparing it to racial cleansing or "xenophobia.''

"Plants and trees without the proper pre-Mayflower lineage are called 'invasive exotics' and are wrenched from the soil to die,'' Yee wrote in a local newspaper editorial. "How many of us are 'invasive exotics' who have taken root in the San Francisco soil, have thrived and flourished here, and now contribute to the diversity of the wonderful mix that constitutes present-day San Francisco?''

We should get this guy a blog.


What he missed in applying the diversity-value doctrine, is that whatever loses out to a spreading dominant , is the diversity. He was being anti-diversity without realizing it. The diversity that is valued by the courts' established religion of solicitude for diversity, is the diversity of losers. The full set of winners, would be the dominants.

You know, Leland Yee is right. We really ought to be consistent. Let's just deport him back to wherever his ancestors came from.