Bush rebuffed by "Latinos"

President Bush hasn't learned:
President Bush made a pitch for his proposed temporary worker program before the nation's largest Hispanic rights group on Thursday.

Bush, via satellite, addressed the League of United Latin American Citizens convention in San Antonio.

Bush proposed allowing legal and illegal immigrants to work in the United States under renewable three-year permits...

On Saturday, LULAC members are expected to hear from Democratic presidential hopeful John Kerry.
Some of the other reports of Bush's speech are similarly vapid. However, the report "President draws criticism at LULAC convention" has some quotes from attendees:
"America is a nation of open doors, and we want it to remain that way," [Bush] said. "Immigrants bring great strength. For this administration, el sueno Americano es para todos (the American dream is for everyone) and we all deserve a chance at the American dream."

But C. R. Contreras, a LULAC member from San Antonio, said she wasn't impressed by Bush's speech or his Spanish phrasing.

"It was political," she said. "He wants my vote. He spoke one sentence in Spanish of which the tone of voice was negative. He confirmed my decision to vote for Kerry."

..."Current law says that we live in a massive undocumented economy," [Bush] said. "The system is not fair and it's not right. My proposal is humane. We need to bring people out of the shadow of American life."

Some members walked out during Bush's speech or didn't attend the luncheon because he was speaking.

Ray Mancera of El Paso left the ballroom when Bush came on the screen.

"As soon as he came on, I walked out," he said. "I'm not interested in what he has to say. I saw how he hurt minorities as governor and he's still doing that on a national level."

[[Ramiro Robles]], the past national president of LULAC, said Bush has not helped Hispanics.

"He has nothing for us," he said. "He caters to the Hispanic community to break us. But we are educated now and we're going to vote."
These quotes reveal the core fallacy of the Bush/Rove Doctrine. Not all members of the same race, ethnic, or cultural-linguistic group think the same. Even little children can see that, but apparently Bush and Rove cannot.

If Bush were reaching out for the African-American Vote, would he cozy up to Spike Lee? Probably so, but, of course, it wouldn't work.

Likewise, rather than reaching out to "Latinos," perhaps Bush should reach out to those people who support border control and immigration reform. That will include large numbers of "Latinos," but it won't include the relatively small number of "Latinos" who support Open Borders. But, that latter group probably wouldn't ever vote for a Republican anyway.


I liked the way you put quotes around "Latino." The "Latin" area is not European, nor was it ever Italian. :)

With a median per capita income less than half that of the majority, the last thing Latinos in this country need is lower wages and higher rents to hit at the same time. That's how people get squeezed out of familiar places and driven on towards the outlying districts where they don't know anyone. Families get broken up by the displacements caused by mass immigration; the families of citizens do get dispersed this way. Immigration policy was supposed to unite, not break up families. When it does the opposite of what officials say, no one complains.

I am an Hispanic who stongly supports Bush but does not understand his postition on open borders. Your right,hispanics who favor more secure borders far outweigh those who favor open borders but most hispanics will find any reason to debate with a republican president no matter the issue. Which is why I do not understand his position, on open borders. This particular policy wont get Bush more votes. Then again this group Bush was talking too LULAC is much like the NAACP in which they claim to be bi-partisan but in reality they have and will always heavily favor democratic candidates and have no real voice for most hispanics.

This is like Neville Chamberlain offering several millon immigration visas for Germans to move to Czechoslovakia (not that he could have done so), and wondering why he is treated with absolute contempt. Appeasement calls forth more aggression; the aggressor merely feels like a fool for not asking for several times as much. Our wise and experienced pragmatists don't seem to know what anyone who's ever run into bullies can learn. One could almost suspect that these leaders do know what they are doing, and are hoping to provoke war by feigning weakness, in order to acquire war powers beyond what they already have.