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jeremy cochrane
proud ottawa boy - obsessed with: #SaaS #growthhacking #CSM #Web2.0+ #bills #sens #rays
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From @ErinBurnett
Would @PeteButtigieg accept money from @MikeBloomberg if he’s the nominee? “Sure.” “I'm not going to reject that…
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From @jeremycochrane
@ErinBurnett @PeteButtigieg @MikeBloomberg What are your thoughts Erin?
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@jeremycochrane: CNN had many chances to call Trump out on the huge flaws in his policies, & they weren't patriotic enough to do it. @ErinBurnett lacks the patriotism to call Mayor Pete on the huge flaws in his policies If you applied for fry cook you'd face tougher questions.