"Border-Crossing Students Outrage Parents"

From this:

SAN DIEGO - Mexican teenagers have been crossing the border to attend school in America for years as the schools they attend collect more tax dollars for enrolling them...

A Fox News crew recently watched while students left Southwest High School for the day and got on a trolley that took them down to the border where they crossed over to go home for the evening.

Parents in the Sweetwater School District are outraged because they say students are now forced to go to schools that are overcrowded, and they say they've begged the district to implement tougher enrollment standards but the district insists the problem isn't widespread.

The district counters that they have very stringent residency rules and require students to show proof of residency before being enrolled. But the district admits it receives $5,400 each year from the state for each student enrolled, which some parents contend is the real issue.


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As a professional educator, I have witnessed this problem of anchor-baby or illegal students first hand. I worked at a Title One school my first year as a teacher. The school was almost exclusively hispanic- mostly students who were here illegally, or whose parents came here illegally. They all got free (tax-payer paid) lunches every day, which they threw all over the cafeteria floor. They never showed any sign of caring about their education or anything else except getting high, being gangstas, and listening to rap music. Their parents never came to the Open House or Back-to-School Night. They constantly interrupted my teaching and were very disrespectful. THEY WERE A WASTE OF MY TIME AND A WASTE OF TAX-PAYERS' MONEY!!! This school district is located in Riverside County (Perris Union High School District). A wasteland.

I once took that trolley to the border. I recall noting to my wife that there were an awful lot of teenagers crossing the border holding book bags. I figured they were going to school by day in America, and sleeping by night in TJ.