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Meridith McGraw
Washington, DC
White House Reporter @POLITICO Thoughts, tips? DM for Signal, & WV girl, UT grad, Hook ‘em Horns🤘🏼
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From @meridithmcgraw
VP spox Katie Miller was asked if the uninsured will get testing. She said that CDC has provided the testing to sta…
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From @calvey4r
@meridithmcgraw @maggieNYT Yeah but the labs will. Ask the full question. Will the test be free across the board…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@calvey4r: it'd be absurdly easy for @meridithmcgraw to show *MAGA* that Trump's #CoronaVirus response has been incompetent. Undercutting him to MAGA would force real change. What exactly has kept McGraw from doing something that'd be incredibly easy for me (given her access)?