"City ends plan to let white teacher instruct black history"

From this:

An Ohio school district has scrapped its plan to assign a certified white teacher for a combined black-history and U.S.-government course because a black instructor was not certified to teach government, The Washington Times has learned.
"The black teacher is going to teach the course, and he will also teach government under an alternative certificate which our district can secure for him," Oberlin School Superintendent Beverly Reep told The Times.

Likewise, can we finally put an end to black teachers teaching white history? Nothing is more annoying and disconcerting than listening to a Teacher of Color trying to teach about Ancient Greece or Rome. Let's be frank: they just can't relate to our white history.

Oh, wait...

Even I have to admit that comment was unfair and snarky. There is a huge difference between a Person of Pallor teaching about black history and a Person of Color teaching about white history. The History of People of Color is a history of oppression. Why should Students of Color be forced to listen to an White Pale Pallid Oppressor of Pallor tell them about their Oppression at the hands of that selfsame White Devil Oppressor?

Wait, that last comment was snarky as well, and just shows that I as an Oppressor of Pallor don't understand the Trials and Tribulations that I have put Persons of Color through. For which I am deeply, deeply sorry.