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Jim Levy
West TX/La Frontera/Juarez
Petroleum geologist, Texas/ND. UT/Austin, Paleontology/Geophysics/Engineering #NRA #AAPG עם ישראל ח - Jerusalem is in Israel. Avi: our greatest President.
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.@TexasJew: @MarkSKrikorian lacks the patriotism to help smart plans that'd reduce illegal #immigration & stop amnesty in *smart* ways. See & ask me any questions you have. *Help* him help the USA, not just be a drain.
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.@TexasJew: you RT @MarkSKrikorian 's 'From El Paso: "a legion of empirical evidence supports the idea a southern border wall could, in fact, work."' In fact, a "border wall" is just security theater & a vanity project for Trump: it'll never happen. Congress will renege/undercut.