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From @willwilkinson
Niskanenism manifesto in the Post...
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From @catlin201
@willwilkinson @jerry_jtaylor 1. It's wonderful that you guys want to moderate and accept the welfare state. 2. Y…
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From @catlin201
@willwilkinson @jerry_jtaylor Are you seriously going to look at Barack Obama's presidency with a straight face and…
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From @catlin201
@willwilkinson @jerry_jtaylor It's telling that you have to resort to free college and codetermination as ideas tha…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@catlin201: Dem leaders are extreme on cultural issues. That's what hurts them & helps Trump. Also, both your replies to @willwilkinson were censored by Twitter. See all the data at my top tweet (about others' replies) then challenge leaders to oppose what Twitter does.