A tale of two taco stands

Rubio's (chain) - a slightly upper-market fast-food restaurant with clean indoor seating. When I saw the Burrito Especial, I thought it included rice and beans on the side. When I got it, boy was I surprised. I had just spent five fucking bucks for a burrito and a small bag of chips. The burrito wasn't that good. The salsa verde is wimpy. Their "hot" salsa is mild. Their chipotle is sufficiently hot, but it's way too smoky.

Chano's (near USC and a few other locations) - For your five dollars, you get a larger burrito with rice, beans, and a bit of salad on the side. It also includes a large slice of tomato and a dollop of sour cream. And a few chips. They only have moderately spicy red sauce, but, like Rubio's, they have whole jalapenos to help increase the heat. No indoor seating, and unlike EatAPita on Fairfax, no outdoor heater either.

If you're cheap frugal, but you want to spend five dollars or so, I think the choice is clear.

Thus concludes this blog's first restaurant review. Also see my Boston Market survey here.

UPDATE: Rubio's is actually "The Flavor Leader in the quick casual fresh Mexican grill category," buckaroo:

Rubio's Fresh Mexican Grill awarded its broadcast advertising account to Los Angeles-based Siltanen/Keehn... Creating famous, talked-about ad campaigns that deliver top sales results for their clients is the agency's trademark... The agency's "Baby Bob" character led to the highly-rated "Baby Bob" primetime television show on CBS...