Bill Richardson: "Obama is an immigrant" (promotes CIR's "learn English"... in Spanish)

After a Spanish-language speech at the Democratic National Convention in Denver, Colorado on September 1, 2008, Bill Richardson spoke to various "reporters" and apparently said this:

Barack Obama is the best candidate for the Hispanic community because our community wants a united country. Obama is an immigrant. When he speaks to Latinos, he doesn’t just speak about immigration and civil rights...

Video to the right. I put this more in the "stupid things ethnic nationalist hacks say" category rather than the "shocking revelation that Obama isn't a citizen" category as others do. See some possible interpretations here.

WNET has an excerpt from the same or a different speech as well as an interview with a "reporter" here, but they don't include the "immigrant" part. In that interview, he predicts that Obama will win, and will do so by winning the Hispanic vote. The first part was right, the second wasn't. Their entry is dated August 29, so it might have been a different speech. He gave an outdoor speech on August 28 or before, with video from the Democratic National Convention itself here.

In the WNET clip, he promotes the "learn English" part of comprehensive immigration reform... in Spanish.


If any of you cared to listen to Gov. Bill Richardson during his presidential run, his abiding theme was that we are a “nation of immigrants”. He was using the same metaphor in discussing Barack Obama. I daresay the author of this inane article is also an immigrant.

Ah yes, the tired old "we gave you your margin of victory, so now you owe us" wheeze. And it's just as bad on the right, if not worse. Some in the GOP, like Jeb Bush, are peddling directly or indirectly the "we lost because we pissed off Hispanics" garbage. Reality check: McCain could have won 2/3 of the Hispanic vote, and Obama would still have won by 1,000,000 or more votes. These people are not swing voters who are up for grabs. They're Deomocrats, period, end of story.

Just wait until "these people" form their own Party. Then we will see the true ingratitude towards what's left of America, by these unwelcome invaders. The treason [from massive immigration] by our leaders and the leftist elites, and that is currently underway, will hand control of our once great Nation to foreign immigrants and their ungrateful offspring in less than 50 years. How anyone can think that will be "good" for the average US citizen currently residing here, is beyond comprehension.

"I daresay the author of this inane article is also an immigrant." How nice of you to assign bullshit definitions of people you know nothing about.

If the moronic poster D. Buchanan were right,then every single POTUS in American history would have also have been an "immigrant", and, therefore, there would be no reason to specifically point out this attribute with respect to Obama.

we will be forced to fight, buy guns and understand your targets.

You can also say the planet is a place of immigrants but when do people stop being called immigrants, in fact never becuse you can't use it as a tool to making money, that is what Bill is really all about.

Obama is as much an immigrant as Clinton was black.

All I can say is Obama spent 2 million dollars of our money to seal his records on place of birth, scholastic and travel records. Yet America once again falls for the old discredit the source rather than stay on topic. The media has done a wonderful job at brainwashing the masses that one has to be a nut case to think Obama was not born in the USA. These same people see no problem with Obama's denial of letting the public see the offical, ORIGINAL birth records and is using tax payer money to litigate against those who demand proof. But of course nothing to see here...these are just angry people who don't like Obama...Yeah , nice rationalization there....Just like Obama won't put the proposed health care plan on the internet under the excuse that people really don't read these things. You have to love this self proclaimed, heavily advertised, most transparent government in US history. And next on the broken promise hit parade for old BHO is the taxation of people making less than 200k to pay for this nonsensical health care plan that doesn't begin util 2013...think that year is a coincidence? Think again. Pelosi has already begun discussions for the Value Add tax to also off set the cost of this deficeit spending nightmare, not to mention the 500 Billion dollar cut to seniors to pay for illegals to have health care. WAKE UP AMERICA!!!

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