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Orange County, NC
The Orange County Partnership to End Homelessness gathers funding and other resources that will end homelessness in Orange County.
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We see similar racial disparities in Orange County - African Americans represent 12% of Orange County general popul…
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Playing race card turns off most, except those w/ the money to help your grift. MT @OCPEHNC African Americans represent 12% of #OrangeCounty general population, but 45% of people experiencing homelessness. This is why the work to end homelessness must incorporate racial equity
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.@ocpehnc: @JohnAndKenShow talk about homeless like they were Hutus. What exactly are you doing? Are you asking to be on & then hyping their refusal? If invited on, would you send a twigboy or someone who can engage them in Socratic debate & show them wrong? #KFI #OrangeCounty