Bill Richardson named Commerce Secretary

Barack Obama has named Bill Richardson as Secretary of the Department of Commerce. From this::
[After the announcement, Richardson] addressed a news conference in Chicago in English and in Spanish, saying Obama has a vision he thinks will revitalize the American economy and restore the country's position of respect around the world.

In addition, Richardson said, "It will be a great honor to serve a president that recognizes America's diversity is its greatest strength."
Love that quota system:
Although Richardson becomes the first Latino appointed to the Cabinet now in formation, Obama suggested the New Mexico governor won't be the last Latino to have an important position in his administration...

He also suggested that Latino voters, who voted for him in large numbers in the general election, should not be disappointed with his decisions thus far.

"I've appointed about half of my Cabinet so far," Obama said. "When people look back and see the entire slate ... not only in terms of my Cabinet but in terms of White House staff, I think people are going to say this is one of the most diverse Cabinets and White House staffs of all time."

Yet, at the same time, Obama maintained that this isn't why any of those appointees are being named to their positions.

"There's no contradiction between diversity and excellence," Obama said. "I'm looking for the best people, first and foremost. It just so happens that Bill Richardson is one of those people."
UPDATE: Per this, here's at least part of what Richardson said in Spanish:
Like President-elect Obama told us 'si se puede' our vote has become our voice. The election has demonstrated our power and our unity. We have to keep fighting for our rights. At the same time, keep chasing the American dream for all... To the millions of inhabitants of Latin America and the Caribbean, we have to strengthen our ties and remember the importance of having a unified hemisphere.


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