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Constitutional conserv since I was 14, luv C Span, politics, Va Tech, ancestor of Mayflower, Rev War, Civil War,WWII heroes. Love the USA & damn proud of it!
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From @joelpollak
There is literally no budget bill that Democrats would support unless it grants amnesty to #DACA recipients. They w…
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From @paulaspaulatics
@joelpollak This bill included EVERY SINGLE THING DEMOCRATS WANTED. There is NO DACA bill to vote what do…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@paulaspaulatics: this is a non-amnesty alternative that Trump could support (and his proxies could defend). It'd hurt Dems/MSM. Please ask @joelpollak why he refuses to push that instead of supporting amnesty as he does now (he won't answer me).