Bill Kristol has hilariously bad advice for Sarah Palin (John McCain)

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William Kristol has some advice for Sarah Palin here, and it's not only hilariously bad but it doesn't serve the national interest. Discussing the fact that John McCain is currently just barely beating JD Hayworth in the 2010 primary, he says:

Still, who could help McCain beat back a populist conservative challenger? Sarah Palin. I predict that Palin will come to Arizona next summer to campaign for McCain, will make an impassioned case for him, and will help him win. She will thereby repay McCain for his confidence in picking her last year, help keep McCain as a crucial voice in the Senate for a strong foreign policy, and get credit for being a different kind of populist conservative - a Reaganite, not a Buchananite, populist - than the immigration-obsessed, voter-alienating (he was ousted in 2006 in a Republican district) Hayworth.

1. McCain's fundamental concepts - mostly those involving immigration - would do harm to the U.S., and the GOP base knows it as can be seen by the fact that he's losing out to J.D. Hayworth. While Palin should be nice to him, going out of her way for him would make her look bad to the GOP base.

2. The idea that Hayworth losing indicated support for amnesty is a myth that Kristol and Fred Barnes - both of the Weekly Standard - were pushing back in 2006. That publication later seemed to backtrack. Kristol and those like him will basically say anything to support amnesty, even if it changes from time to time.

3. The idea that Palin should ignore immigration or be McCain-like is even worse than the rest. That and trade are the issues that separate the elite from those they rule, and by taking pro-American positions on both Palin - if she slightly moderated her fiscal positions - could gain broad support from Independents and even Democrats. And, by taking those pro-American positions she could help to some extent clean up DC. She would have to do it the right way, and - frankly - whether she's capable of doing that is a bit doubtful. Part of her effort would have to involve showing how the other side is wrong and doing it in a way that discredits the other side. That isn't that difficult, people just need to think things through and do the actual work.


He probably does standup at bar mitzvahs as well.

Sarah has gone on hr own. She owes this piece of scum Rhino absoluteloy nothing! If she supports him I and many other true conservatives will be very unhappy. McCain neeeds to retire. Beck had a rally today that drew thousands calling for the end of the faux two party system. Hurray!!! It won't be easy but it will be better than sitting back and watching these lying ,soulless creeps destroy this country!

All of the political rats are on the same page all read from the same sheet of shit paper and all hate us and need the 100 million little rats here to make Americans into a third class people and make us into target's of the third world people. Obama is the real enemy he is the head Rat and hates this nation and Palin or someone like here will run against the head monkey and it will be obama who get's his evil stinking ass back in the so called white house and start his real work of mass murder of American by using the cops and the system to murder each one of you one by one like hitler did. Sarah Palin means nothing she like many others are just setup people for obama like John McCain was and still is, we must act like Americans and use our will against evil here and do it soon or become the new jew. buy guns.